Simple Wedding Dresses

What is a simple wedding dress?

While every bride chooses a different style for her special day, with the comeback of 90s simple elegance and the minimalist off-duty it-girl look, many weddings have adopted simplicity over extravagance as the main idea. Simple wedding dresses have come back in style and even overtaken the traditional bridal dress which feature layers of tulle, lace veils and a long train. Despite being trendy right now, the simple wedding dress is actually a much more timeless style of dress because it usually features elegant silhouettes that never go out of fashion. Often simplicity is the key to making a lasting impression as a bride.

The minimalist bride knows that simple dresses perfectly suit her body shape to accentuate her beautiful features. These elegant wedding dresses will often come in materials such as silk or crepe, which perfectly drape over the body and can be cut on bias to extend into a simple midi skirt or a long mermaid dress. A simple dress will have less layers, folds, and extravagant details, instead the bride will usually find herself in a shape-hugging dress of uniform material with a classic v-cut or cowl-neck neckline and tight bodice. You can also shop wedding dresses which have simple stylized details such as lace trimmings, small crystal embellishment, bows, feathers or uniquely cut bodice and necklines.

What to wear under a simple wedding dress?

Many simple wedding dresses available to shop online and in stores will be figure-hugging because of their timeless draping and elegant look, so the bride might struggle with deciding what to wear under her dress to make sure no folds or underlines show through during the wedding. Since a bride always wants to look her best on her special day, it’s a good idea to invest in quality shapewear along with your simple wedding dress. Minimalist dresses will often come with thin lining, lining only in the chest area or fully unlined, which makes classic underwear difficult to wear under them.

Simple seamless laser-cut underwear will look invisible under a minimalist wedding dress, however if you also want to accentuate your waist and hips under the dress, we suggest choosing shapewear which will compliment your figure. Elegant shapewear solutions include sculpting skin-colored shorts or skirts, strapless bras and even waist trainers or waist-sculpting high-rise shorts to go under your dress. If you have a larger chest, but would prefer to not wear a bra, choose wedding dresses which feature a tight bodice made from thick material such as corset dresses or crepe square neck gowns.

How do you make a simple wedding dress look good?

Some future brides may be hesitant about choosing simple dresses for their weddings because they might not have ideas for how to style them. However, styling a minimalist dress is very simple because it does not require extravagant accessories, instead it needs elegant details which will complement its simplicity. If your dress already has special details such as lace trimmings or veil, embellishments or more, you will require even less accessories to complete the look as with simple dresses it is very important not to overdo it. We have created a simple guide to give you ideas about which accessories will go with your bridal look.

Many brides will choose to add a necklace, gloves or a veil as elegant accessories to a wedding dress. Simple dresses can be styled with the same accessories: wear a silk dress with a pair of matching long silk gloves, style a crepe dress with an elegant lace or tulle veil and pair any minimalist dress with a thin necklace of small pearls. When wearing a simple dress, heels are the one accessory where you can add more sparkle and glamour, as they will likely be covered by the dress anyway. Wear simple white pumps to keep it classic or find embellished heels to add a surprise fun detail. As long as your accessories compliment rather than take attention away from the simplicity of the dress, you can’t go wrong with styling for your big day.

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